Thursday,  15 th  of  October

Good morning, boys and girls. I am very happy to contact you again. I wish you a wonderful day!!!

Let´s start!!! Are you ready???????????????

       First we are going to do our daily warming up:

                                        Breathe in / Breathe out

                                         Shake all about!!!


1.- Write in your notebook the words in green of pages 6 and 7.

2.- Complete the table in your notebook on page 7.

  • I am sending you a summary of the topic in Spanish.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

                         UNIT 1      KINGDOMS

Wednesday,  14th  of October

Good morning, boys and girls. I am very happy to contact you through this new resource. I hope we have a good time and do the activities without pressure!!!

My email is You can send me the activities through here. If I send you an activity to fill up, the following day I will send you the right answer.


1.- Review all about the three different kingdoms and the Cells we have seen in class.

2.- Cada vez que os recomiende un video para ver tenéis que seguir los siguientes pasos:

  • Ver el video en inglés con los subtítulos en inglés siempre que podáis.
  • Volver a visionar el video en español.
  • Una tercera vez en inglés con los subtítulos en inglés. (No tiene que ser todo seguido, podéis verlo a lo largo del día tantas veces como os venga bien).
  • As we are learning about the cells and bacteria,  the activity you have to do is to

       Watch the youtube video:  Bacteria happy learning .

Have a wonderful day!!!!

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